Step 1: Register (check your email to complete)
Step 2: Login
Live Courses
Step 3: View the Course Schedule to see when the courses are open and which instructor is answering questions.
Step 4: Go to Live Courses page; if desired filter for a sub-category, e.g Patient Safety.
Step 5: Select a course. Click the Take This Course button to pay and enroll in the course.

Step 6: Go back to the course, the Take This Course button should no longer be seen, and start Lesson 1.
Step 7: When you have finished a lesson be sure to click “Mark Complete”.
Step 8: You may email the course instructor any questions by clicking the button on the upper right on the course page.
Step 9: The evaluation has a 3-step submission process. Fill out the information, then click SUBMIT, then click MARK COMPLETE.
Step 10: Once all of the lessons are completed you will receive your certificate immediately. You may re-print your certificate by going to My Courses, click the course title, then click Print Your Certificate.


  • You can only reprint certificates during the hours the courses are open.
  • Live courses may only be taken during the posted times, but the system will save any completed lessons within a course should time expire. This allows you to finish another day.
  • If you are taking the courses while at a hospital and some of the lesson videos won’t play, it is probably because your facility is blocking YouTube. Ask if they have guest WiFi and use a device that logs into that instead of the main hospital network.

Self-Directed Courses
Self-Directed courses may be taken at any time, but you must pass the post-test. Also, you will have to make each lesson as complete, although there is no timer function on them. After completing the lessons & post-test you will receive your certificate immediately. To reprint a self-directed certificate go to My Courses, click the arrow to the left of the course name, then click the certificate icon.